Thursday, September 1, 2011

the invites are out!

this past friday, my mom took the completed (stuffed and stamped) wedding invites to the post office.  and, on monday, we started getting texts and emails from people saying they had received them.  with the invites out, it really makes the wedding feel that much more real and imminent.  it's crazy how something so small - like mailing a card - can make you giddy and excited!

we ordered our invites from wedding paper divas and opted for their thermography printing process (i.e. raised text) in gold.  we were completely pleased with the way the invites turned out - they are gorgeous!  and i cannot wait to start getting the response cards in the mail : )

to make them extra special, we ordered custom stamps from zazzle with pictures from our engagement photo shoot on them.  we needed a 64 cent for the invitation envelope and a 44 cent for the response card, so we selected two of our favorite images for those.

we decided to go with formal wording for the invitation.  with my parents "hosting" the wedding and all dates & times spelled out in fine print and calligraphy.  i'm a modern bride, in many ways - straying from the traditional go-tos (like the wedding march for my processional, the garter toss or a church ceremony), but still there are certain elements which i choose to borrow from the tried-and-true.

i love the balance of creating a wedding that's a personal expression of our relationship, while still thinking of ways to incorporate traditions that have been a part of weddings for decades...or even centuries.  the union of old and new gives a sense of tradition while still preserving the uniqueness of us as a couple, and i love that.

just over two months until "i do"!  i can't believe it!


  1. yah! what a fantastic thing to cross off the list! and your invites are so pretty! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Congrats on your upcoming wedding day! How exciting is that? The invitations are really beautiful...good work!

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Just followed! :P

  3. they are gorgeous! i love the stamps, too - what a fun idea :) i printed my own invites, and i did some of the traditional stuff - wedding march, bouquet toss, garter belt toss - because we didn't have a church ceremony either. we got married in Vegas at Mandalay Bay chapel, and the minister or whatever he was (that's bad that i can't remember) said the most heartfelt things. my husband even got a little dewy in the corner of his eyes.

  4. Those are some amazing invites! I'm really jealous! Our budget for invitations was pretty small, and I wasn't entirely happy with what we did get.


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