Monday, September 26, 2011

om monday: perception is reality

in many ways, my yogadharma classes are reinforcing truths that i already believe, but my classes are also encouraging me to view them on a larger, more worldly scope.  we can get so wrapped up in our perception of things that we forget that it's just that...our perception.

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there's a great saying that i've long believed to be true: perception is reality.  this basic notion has been re-churned countless times, but its simple eloquence is sometimes hard to grasp.  it's sometimes hard to admit that if things are "good" or things are "bad", it's because we're perceiving them to be that way.   

sure, there are times when you could argue that almost anyone would agree with you that what you are going through is either more negative or more positive, but i'm sure we've also all experienced beautiful, sunny days when we're miserable and pissed off, as well as difficult, sad times when we've been able to share a smile or a laugh.  it's all about our perception of the situation. 

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you can choose to see the outside world as annoying, out-to-get-you and an overall unfriendly place, or you can decide (i know, it's hard) to begin to perceive things differently.  instead of reacting with your usual knee-jerk response and going to that cold, hard place, soften and try to think about a new way of looking at the things, people and experiences you encounter on a daily basis.

...and, you'll enjoy more "sunny" days for sure...


  1. SO TRUE!! AHH!! This is just what I needed to hear! No Joke! This post is brilliant!
    I (had) been going through a fight with a friend, which I guess could still be going on, we are just not talking at the moment, anyways...Things were bad but not as "horrible" as she was making it seem. I had said some words (not rude) but words she needed to hear and think about but she took them the wrong way. I have to admit I have done that before, but I never thought of it as "percieving" until! :) Thanks!
    -Ashlee Michelle


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