Tuesday, September 13, 2011

karmic connection

as many of you know (and thank you for your kind words of support & encouragement!), i started yogadharma this past weekend – my 9 month long yoga + dharma (i.e. yoga philosophy) immersion course.  i was there friday 5-9 and both saturday & sunday 12-6.  and it was fabulous. 

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already my mind is reeling with new ways of thinking about the world around me.  (like if everything really is just cause and effect – what can i do to change certain “effects” i’m experiencing in my life right now?  how do i plant karmic seeds of positive change?  and how do i feel the inner spiral of my back thigh in warrior 2 while still tucking the tailbone?!!)

the program challenges you both physically and mentally.  and i have no doubt that by the end of these next 9 months, i will be irrevocably changed for the better.

what goes around, comes around. credit {here}
many of my classmates come from north jersey, philadelphia and nyc and have quite a commute home after our long classes – i live a mere mile…if that…from the club where yogadharma is being taught.  i feel completely fortunate and privileged to be a part of it and realize i’m so lucky to have access to such life-altering teachings in my back yard. 

after this past weekend, i’m thinking karma had a little something to do with it…

so mavens, what has karma brought into your life?


  1. I just wanted you to know that I'm now looking for yoga studios near my home here in Virginia. I've been sort of teaching myself off and on over the past... well, ten years or so, through various videos and books and such, and I love how grounded and more self-aware I feel after getting in my morning yoga.

    What's karma brought into my life? Oh, wow. Patience. Which is a quality I struggle with on a daily basis and something I definitely need more of, haha! Karma's taught me to step back and try to see things from an objective point of view - because everything comes back around, so we need to consider our actions and reactions to situations and how they'll effect those around us and what the overall resulting effect on our lives will be. I've learned to "roll with it" more often than not, simply because fighting the flow is exhausting and when I swim with the currents of my life, I find things better fall into place. I can't change the direction of the flow or the tides, but I can change my style of swimming.

    And, wow, that was a lot of different similes, metaphors, and analogies for a first comment on here, hehe.

  2. The ground beneath my feet. The air in my lungs. And gratitude for the moment I am standing in.

  3. Thank you for such an inspiring post - and a "nudge" to me to get back into Yoga class!


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