Monday, September 5, 2011

om monday: why do i want that?

morning, mavens.  i hope you're enjoying this fabulously looooong weekend.  i wanted to share with you something from my yoga class yesterday.

often yoga teachings can seem at odds with wants and desires.  i know, for me at least, i sort of felt like i wasn't fully embracing the yoga mindset until a resigned myself to a life of little possessions and quiet meditation.  but, my teacher, amy, in yesterday's class enlightened us to the true yogic take on wants and desires.

she said that it's ok to want things - like a fulfilling job, money to support your family or even (in her case) red cowboy boots.  but, she explained that it's also important to ask "why do i want the things i want?".

this take on it completely resounds with me.  with this philosophy in mind, any earthly desire can be seen as a conduit for discovering something deeper and more meaningful about yourself.  very cool.

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so, let's take this idea out for a spin...why do i desire cosmos?  what are they offering me?  and what am i truly looking for when i order my fabulous $6 drink at happy hour?  well, they offer me (and craig) a night out to connect, enjoy one another's company and talk.  they offer me a "treat" after a long week or long day and provide a subtle means of letting go.  of enjoying something for enjoyment's sake.  so, when i order my cosmo, i'm actually ordering a little mini vaca from our day-to-day lives.  a moment to take a breath and connect with the guy i'm crazy about.

now, that i know what i'm truly looking for, perhaps i can find it in other places as well.  (like in a pomegranate martini....just kidding....)


  1. I'm a shopaholic so I really need to work on this! I buy plenty of things I don't really want/need!


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