Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a kinder summer {guest post}

Hello to all who look into Cailen's world! My name is Kristin, and I have the privilege of swapping blogs with your lovely host for the day. My blog is called Kinder Words, and it is a place of learning and release for me. Cailen and I were paired on 20SB, to talk with each other's followers a bit about our summer.

{Summer morning's still begin early when you're a mom}

I think that summer time is just like being in your 20's. It is full of life and color. There are days {and nights} full to the brim of activity. Then there are the lazy, introspective days, where you just lie on the beach and try to care less about what tomorrow brings.

This summer has been the latter of the two for me. There has been less bikini presence and volleyball, more building sandcastles and teaching the tadpoles how to swim.

There has been less shopping, and vacations and parties; more intimate barbeques, and time spent in the craft room, or at the park, or the free aviation museum.

It has been a quiet sort of summer. With lessons learned, friendships strengthened, and flowers smelt. And, as hard as I try, I can't seem to keep these sweet lazy days from slipping by.

I have enjoyed blogging this year more than ever.
I love jotting down my life lessons, and sharing little artsy tips and recipes. I have even been able to put together a few tutorials. I'm a bit of an artist, and crafting makes me giddy. It is a bad addiction, y'all.

I hope everyone will be able to keep a bit of summer love in their pockets through the winter this year. The part that makes you slow down, reflect, and feel sunshine all over. Come visit me at Kinder Words!
where is cailen?  over at kinder words, of course!  check out her post {here}


  1. What a beautiful post! Going to check out Kristin's blog now!

    Belly B :)

  2. I enjoyed swapping with you, Cailen! You are adorable, and I wish you the best of luck in everything!


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