Monday, August 1, 2011

om monday: yoga pants

hello mavens!  i hope you all had a terrific weekend and are enjoying the 1st day of august.  (can you believe it's august already?!)  as i mentioned in friday's post about blogging your way to the front row, i'm loving the new ideas the book has regarding building your blog/brand.  that said, i'm going to make a subtle change to lifestyle maven.  every week, i'll have recurring post themes:

om monday - covering yoga and healthy living inspiration
foodie wednesday - recipe or similar food-related post
happy hour friday - cocktail recipes & weekend fun

tuesday & thursday will remain open for posts on a whim.  so, without further ado, om monday commences : )

as you know, i <3 yoga and practice several times a week.  (i actually just got back from vinyasa yoga class as i write this.)  this love affair did not bloom overnight, but has taken time to develop and grow.  but, no matter how seasoned you are, novice or full-out yogi, there is one must.  yoga pants.  (they will instantly make you feel more zen.)

with all the inverted poses one finds oneself in during a typical class, it's much more comfortable to wear fitted yoga pants rather than shorts or looser fitting pants.  even if you're just beginning your yoga practice, i highly recommend investing in a pair (or two).  they're inexpensive, and you'll feel much more comfortable in class.  and, even if you never attend another yoga class again in your life, i guarantee you'll get good use out of them.  i often find myself sporting mine on days when class is not on the schedule...

so, where to buy them?  the latest pairs i purchased were from victoria's secret.  they often have sales or deals if you buy more than one pair.  plus, they have lots of cute colors and patterns, so you can select which ones best reflect your yoga style : )  you can also find (more serious) options at gaiam as well as a lot of other yoga products - like mats, blocks, etc.  and, of course, you can usually locate yoga-style pants at kohl's, target and marshalls.  (so now you have no excuse not to get yourself some asap!)


do you <3 yoga (pants) too?


  1. Love yoga pants. I have a pair that is just dedicated to travel. I wear them when I fly. Of course I do wear them for yoga but love them for wt training too.

  2. You look great! I'd love to get into yoga:) I've recently made an editorial schedule for my blog, too. Thanks for the link to the book!

    xx, Melanie @ LightsSoBright

  3. i'm a dancer so I love yoga pants :) I prefer the bootcut ones though or the capri ones that aren't tight around the calf

  4. cute pics! i live in my lulu pants. they feel great and make the tush look good :)

  5. That is amazing.

  6. Your yoga pants fit you well. You look so sexy on it and I am sure that you feel so comfortable wearing it while doing some yoga poses.

  7. These pants are looking simply superb on you. The best thing I like about yoga pants is that they always fit well which makes one look well-toned and comfortable at the very same time. Just a week ago, purchased alo yoga pants and these are truly very comfortable.


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