Monday, January 30, 2012

om monday: be there

maybe you've heard the saying "wherever you there", but it's simple wisdom is worth repeating.  i cannot tell you how many times throughout the day my mind is not where i am.  i'm thinking about my to-do list, our weekend plans or what to make for dinner, and consequently, i'm totally out-of-touch with the here and now - the present moment.  but every time we choose to dwell on the past or wonder about the future, we're denying ourselves the only moment we ever have...this one.
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when you become aware that your mind is elsewhere, don't judge, don't label, just notice.  and then breathe.  in yoga, we're taught to align both mind and body with the breath and by doing so, we become mindful and fully embrace the present moment.  yogi or not, you can use that tool, too.  the breath is a wonderfully simple way to ground yourself.  by focusing on your inhales and exhales, you begin to quiet the mind chatter and begin to slowly sink into the moment at hand.

believe me, it's not easy to get in the habit of noticing when you're mind has drifted away (i'm still working on it!), but if you can begin to cultivate that skill, you'll receive the gift of the present. 

namaste : )

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