Thursday, January 19, 2012

weekly wrap-up: helpful & healthy links

hello, mavens!  i hope you're having a wonderful week so far.  happy (almost) weekend : )  i wanted to share some helpful and healthy links with you today in hopes of inspiring you to cultivate health and unearth happiness in your own life.

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wondering what yoga style is best for you?  don't know the difference between bikram and ashtanga?  check out this {comprehensive guide} that will help you decide which practice best fits your lifestyle and needs.

don't have time for breakfast?  check out this nutritious, delicious and {super easy breakfast} that you can make the night before so you don't have to waste any precious morning time cooking.

want to shape up in 2012?  (who doesn't?!)  yoga might just be the key.  try this {arm sculpting} routine or {strengthen and tone your legs} with this simple practice.

i hope these links help you to reach all your health goals.



  1. thanks for the link to the different yoga styles, i want to take it up but wasn't sure what type to go for! :)

    Kate xo

  2. Wow, I second Kate -- that yoga guide is super helpful. It can be intimidating not knowing all the different styles, but I like the way that site spells it out.

  3. I love love love yoga and it needs to be in my life. :) Just found you yay!


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