Thursday, January 26, 2012

weekly wrap-up: delicious dinner & de-stress with yoga

well, the weekend is almost upon us, so i wanted to share some helpful links to keep you well-fed and grounded.

s'mores pies that i found on foodgawker - recipe {here}
looking for a healthy, delicious and carb-free dinner?  try this super easy and yummy {baked spaghetti squash}. even pasta-lovers will be converted!

feeling over-worked and stressed out?  yoga could be the answer.  check out this {short yoga sequence} that links movement with breath-work to de-stress with the breath!

love food?  who doesn't?!  my new obsession is {foodgawker}.  their beautiful food photos will provide you with endless meal inspiration...and, they have an iphone app, so you can gawk on the go!

happy birthday, han!  a yellow cake, found on foodgawker, just for you : )  recipe {here}

and last, but certainly not least, happy birthday to my little sister, hannah!  we have a whole weekend of celebrating to look forward to, starting with a happy (birthday) hour at our fave bar, bobby simone's!  can't wait : )

so mavens, have any fun weekend plans?


  1. Golly baked spaghetti squash sounds delicious! I need to check that out! & s'mores pies!?!?! YUMMMMY. my fun weekend plans? hanging with my dad! Haha, hope you have a nice weekend!! :)


  2. Those s'more pies look delicious!!! I actually just posted the recipe on my roommates FB wall, so I will hopefully be making them soon!


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